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It is very important that you take the materials your residential garage door is made of into account before you buy, because once you have bought, you will be stuck with that door for many years. The gauge of the door is the most important factor when thinking about which Stafford residential garage door to buy.

One curious fact about garage doors: thicker doors are not necessarily better than thinner ones. Another curious thing a lot of people don't know, and that is that the smaller the gauge of the steel, the thicker the door is. The garage door takes up a lot of space on the front of the house, more than you might think. That means a lot of exposure to the elements and street noise.

Even if your garage is not insulated, you will want a door that is insulated because it has such a wide interface with the outside world. Additionally, many people use the garage for more than their cars. A lot of guys spend a lot of time in the garage so it's a good idea to get a well insulted door. Garage doors are driven by two kinds of springs: extension and torsion. The extension springs are the most common and almost everyone has seen one at one time or another.
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